• Kids Club of Harney County (Kids Club) is excited to be offering Friday Academy (FA) again this school year, for students 6th-8th grades who are failing one or more core classes. The program takes place at Hines Middle School on Friday mornings during the school year, and is administered by Kids Club with cooperation from Harney County School District #3. The students identified for the program are provided academic support and engagement including dedicated homework/tutoring time; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM); physical and team building activities, breakfast and lunch, and free transportation via Dial-A-Ride as needed. Hines Middle School teachers are key staff during Friday Academy, helping students become more comfortable engaging with their teachers and in their own education. Students complete an average of two to five assignments each FA, and collectively complete anywhere from 30-65 assignments a week!

    As in previous years, because this program takes place on a non-school day, each student will need a registration/permission slip signed by a parent/guardian. This form must be fully completed and signed by the parent/guardian before they can begin their first day at FA.

    A few key notes about our Friday Academy program:

    • Your student is invited to participate in the Friday Academy (FA) program because they are failing one or more of their core classes and/or need the extra study time/assistance FA provides to complete and turn in assignments.
    • Disruptive behaviors result in loss of the privilege to attend the program.
    • This program is not equipped to work with students with learning or behavioral disabilities, or students who need constant one on one help to be successful.
    • Students must arrive with all materials and assignments needed.
    • Students should have a minimum of 60 minutes’ worth of work—if no homework, students should come prepared with a book to read, binder to organize, etc.
    • Beginning at 9:00 AM, we serve a balanced breakfast, followed by educational time, activity time, and lunch, ending by 12:00 PM.
    • Kids Club will pay Dial-a-Ride to pick up and drop off your student as needed, as well as return them home after Friday Academy—you make the arrangements.

    Registration forms can be obtained from the Hines Middle School office or Kids Club of Harney County. If you have any questions, or would like more information, do not hesitate to reach out to Kids Club at 541-573-7036. We look forward to another successful year, and we are eager to be a part
    of your child’s success!