• Burns Garage

    188 N. Broadway


    This site housed the Water & Robbins General Merchandise Store. The wooden building was built by Harry Smith and his son-in-law Archie McGowan in 1910. 

    The Burns Garage is the second oldest Ford dealership on the west coast, the oldest is located in San Francisco. It is the longest operated business establishment still operating under the same name in Burns.

     It was started by Harry Smith and his son-in-law Archie McGowan. Because banks wouldn’t finance the new horseless carriages, the two men had to sell them before the factory would deliver. When the cars arrived, the dealers then had to teach the new orders how to drive. For a smoother ride, Smith had the street in front of the garage graveled, the first graveled section in Burns.

     In 1920 a stone structure was constructed south of the wooden building. In 1923 a fire gutted the new building, but the stone walls prevented the fire from spreading to the wooden structure. The building was restored and McGowan added on in 1927. The large rock fireplace was included in this construction. The wooden building was used until 1927 and then moved to another location. The walls of native rock in the garage are still standing.

     In the winter of 2011, heavy snow caused the roof to collapse.