• Bulldogs  We love our Slater Bulldogs!


    Dear Parents and Students,


    Welcome to our school website.  We strive to have engaging classes and an enriching learning environment for all students.  As you walk through our halls, you will see dynamic teachers with high energy who are lifelong learners themselves.  Our school focuses on having engaging lessons that often coincide with events or land features of our area.


    Students at Slater get to participate in our brain games model of learning.  This is an opportunity to engage a student's mind and body.  Research shows that taking these ‘breaks’ and using your whole body assists students in re-engaging in a new experience.  This is not only great science  but it is a fantastic tool for all learning levels.  What an opportunity to not just be at a desk learning but to be anywhere in our building, playing a game and using your mind and body. It is a blast to participate in and to watch.  


    As we move through our year, students and staff will often pause for a celebration.  These celebrations come in all forms from simple classrooms clapping to a whole school assembly.  Students and staff work hard to have these opportunities. As we experience, new successes we will always let parents know so they can be involved.


    In closing, Slater is an awesome place to grow and learn.  Our staff is passionate about teaching and learning. If you have questions or want to visit our school please call 541.573.7201.


    My Best,

    Sid Hobgood