• Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I want to send out a warm welcome to our new and returning students! Harney County Schools believe in educating and supporting every student to their fullest potential so they can pursue their unique path in life with confidence and success! Hines Middle School is committed to this purpose, and all of us are excited to work with your student(s)! 

    That being said, I hope you had a GREAT summer - I know I did! For those of you that are new to the school, it can be a bit intimidating to come into middle school and for that reason, I want to introduce myself and offer any support I can to help make this smooth for you! For those of you that know me already….you get to see my smiling face again! 

    My name is Brittany Waggoner and this will be my 2nd school year at Hines Middle School. I LOVE it here! My family and I moved in July 2018 from Fruitland, ID. My husband and I were raised in Prairie City, OR so it felt like coming home! Leaving my position within the Payette School District as the District Special Education Director was easier than I’d  imagined once we got here and began to meet the community. The warm welcome made the transition smooth, which I will be forever grateful for. My husband joined the Burns High School team of teachers as their Agricultural Teacher, CTE Instructor, and FFA Advisor, and our children integrated quickly into the new routine. Mikyla is 12 (7th grade), Paxton is 8 (3rd grade), Kadence is 6 (1st grade), and our firecracker, Grayson, turned 4 last month (PreK). They keep us busy, busy, busy, and we wouldn’t change a thing! Over the summer we were very busy with travel, home renovations, gardening, and of course, the pool! We love our new home here and are excited to make changes to it in the creation of our forever home. I believe it helps to put a face to the names, so I’ve included some pictures of my little family! I hope enjoy! 

    Kids have been my passion for as long as I can remember. They are our future and I’ve dedicated my life to supporting them becoming the best community members, with the most opportunity possible. I believe that every student has impact, and every student deserves to be taught the skills necessary for ensuring their impact is a positive one. At HMS, we are your team in developing your student. Our doors are always open! Please know that my door is always open, please don’t hesitate to come in and chat! 


    Mrs. Brittany C Waggoner, Ed.S.

    Hines Middle School

    Email: brittanywaggoner@hcsd3.org

    Phone: (541) 573-6436