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HCSD#3 Open Enrollment now through April 1st!
Students living OUTSIDE of Harney County School District #3 in Burns
Now for the 2017-18 school year
Do you live well outside of Burns and want more options for your
children? Are you looking for a high quality K-12 education? Look
no further! Through the Open Enrollment process HCSD#3 board of
directors has openly invited rural students to attend school in Burns
during the 2017-18 school year. Transportation will be provided to
and from areas like Crane if there is enough interest shown.
Program offerings include K-12 music and/or band programs, 1:1 iPad program
K-8, newly adopted curriculum materials, high quality teachers and programs
including CTE courses for agriculture, computer, mechanics, automotive, woodworking,
and construction, STEM courses, Art courses, college prep courses for
math and science and other core areas, home economics in middle school, great elective
course offerings, multiple club and sports at all levels of ability including 11 different
sports and 13 different clubs such as FFA at the high school level. Burns
schools offer a great overall comprehensive education!
Burns students enjoy low class sizes and a student friendly environment where
all students are challenged and given the support they need to be successful. It’s
a small town environment with huge opportunities to be involved and active in
school and in sports and clubs after school.
Please contact our district office by April 1st for more information or for an application.
Plan to join us for the 2017-18 school year here in Burns!
Harney County School District #3 District Office